015 – Jen & Jono Patch – Getting Beyond Initial Skepticism to Create a Balanced, Beautiful & Abundant Life

Jen and JonoPatchA magical and beautiful couple Jennifer and Jonathan Patch, David’s amazing friends are on today’s show and we are so excited they can share their love of this industry.  They are from a beach side town called Bargara, Queensland, Australia.  They have two small children.  Jen was a Physiotherapist and Jonathan was a qualified Personal Trainer and ex professional athlete.

Today Jen & Jono will share:

  • Their Life & Income NOW and BEFORE they were introduced to Network Marketing.
  • How they thought they were ALLERGIC to Network Marketing and how they fell in love with the business model.
  • The importance of being healthy and eating clean and help others get healthier and achieve their goals.
  • Jen’s professional ego’s prior to Network Marketing and knowing now that it is an AMAZING profession
  • How success has happened so quickly for them.
  • How special it is to build a business in this amazing industry with YOUR children at your side, sharing this beautiful energy.
  • What they would do differently if they were just starting in this industry today.
  • A tip to AMPLIFY your business
  • Believe in yourself and WHAT you are doing.

You don’t want to miss this GREAT show, Jonathan and Jen are beautiful and you all will be able to relate with so much of what they share on this show. They will share their amazing journey of being introduced to Network Marketing and how their lives have changed AND how they have helped more people in Network Marketing then they have in their previous careers.

Hear how Network Marketing has AMPLIFIED their lives and can do the same for YOU!

Today’s Songs:
Men at work – Down Under
Empire of the Sun – Alive
Bryan Adams – Flying

Favorite books:
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (Audio CD)
The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle (Audio CD)
Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke And How to get Smart, Healthy, and Rich by Randy Gage

Favorite Quotes:
“Getting what you want is not nearly as important as giving what you have.”
“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t barely hear what you are saying.”
“We cannot become what we need remaining what we are.”
“What would love do?”

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