016 – ES03 – What’s Your “Commitment Date” and Why Is It Important? – Lisa DeMayo (Expert Series)

E55C6920-Edit FINAL-2While it’s important that everyone can, and should, get started at their own pace, it is crucial to make a commitment to yourself and to the business. Your “Commitment Date” is is when your belief in yourself, the industry, the company and the product are all aligned, and you are ready to tell the world you are a professional network marketer. You are then ready to attract amazing people to your team and business and also be able to weather the times that are more difficult, but do so with your head high, knowing you will be successful.

Today, Lisa shares with David her perspective, experience and tactics to making your Commitment Date to propel you forward to reach your goals, and achieve the success and live you want.
What you will learn today:

  • How to get your beliefs in order
  • How to create an abundant mindset
  • What is Posture for a network marketer and why is it important
  • How to deal with negative people and nay-sayers
  • Who you can go to for help at all times