019 – ES04 – Michael S. Clouse – Keys to Building Your Team for Your Wealth & Freedom

Michael ClouseTruly understanding the Philosophy of Growing People is David’s guest today Michael S. Clouse.  Michael has authored over 50 published articles, along with several books, videos, and audio training programs on the subject of Network Marketing. Certified as a Network Marketing Professional by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Michael is recognized as one of The Top 10 Network Marketing Trainers in the world today. With a background that includes 30 years experience in direct sales, MLM systems development, and team psychology, Michael is a sought-after business consultant, personal coach, and a dynamic keynote speaker. His weekly newsletter, Nexera e-News, is currently read by tens of thousands of Network Marketing Professionals around the world.

Today Michael will Share: 

  • WHY he chose Network Marketing and his amazing answer that will help all of us!
  • Most people in this industry are extremely HAPPY and EXCITED.
  • He will share his Philosophy to help others with just 5 SIMPLE STEPS.
  • Why some people are so resistant.
  • Ask yourself why you chose this industry, is your business growing and how can it grow.
  • A great question to ask the 18 to 35 year olds!!
  • Why it is important to be educated in this profession and picking the right company.
  • Live your dreams, fall in love with what you do everyday, find a better quality of life and know you have choices.
  • He will share some great answers to objections.

Michael is very knowledgeable, beautiful to listen to and TRULY AN EXPERT in this industry and you don’t want to miss this show!  You will learn so much so be sure to LISTEN in!
Favorite Quotes:

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.”

“Do the thing and you will have the power”

Favorite books

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (Audio CD)

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

Influence by Robert Cialdini


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