034 – ES09 – David T.S. Wood – How to Retain & Train Your People – Expert Series

Chalk Man Climbing LadderDavid shares a BIG aha that he deeply feels will impact the retention in your teams to the point where you will stop losing so many amazing people. When someone’s belief is not congruent with the words they speak they end up attracting a lot of negative energy and comments from the people they talk to.

What You Will Learn on Todays Show:

  • The Five Key Beliefs
  • The Sixth ‘Critical’ Belief
  • How The R.A.S Works
  • How A Less Than 10 Belief Impacts Others
  • The Importance of Skill Development
  • The Power of Practice

Todays Songs:
I Still Believe – Mariah Carey
I Believe – Bonesmen
I Believe I Can Fly – Jermaine Paul

Todays Quotes:

“When you don’t believe you are not believable”
– David T.S. Wood