039 – Start with Your Why – Simon Sinek – Personal Development Series

The-Golden-CircleDavid discusses the critical element of success…Your Why.  The most powerful thing you can do to inspire people to listen, to be open, to dream, and to join you, is to be able to share your why.  When you can do this well, you will truly inspire others and create the life you love living each and every day.

From Martin Luther King Jr., to the Wright Brothers, to Steve Jobs. They have all started at their core with a powerful Why…a powerful vision.  This is what stirs the passion inside of you is your Why.

Your Why may change over time, and that’s perfectly fine.  It often starts small, and evolves to grow bigger.  Wherever you are, learn to articulate what is important to you that motivates you deep to your core. This is where your ultimate success will come from.

Video Links:
Simon Sinek – TED Talks – How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Martin Luther King – I Have a Dream

Books (Simon Sinek):
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (Kindle Edition)
Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’’t  (Kindle Edition)

Quote for today:
“People don’t buy What you sell.  They buy your your Why.”
– Simon Sinek

Todays Songs
All I Have to do Is Dream – The Everly Brothers
I Have a Dream – ABBA