044 – Jen Newman – A Critical Skill to Explode Your Business – Expert Series (ES12)

Jen NewmanToday, David discusses with Jen Newman, about the importance  and value of  the 3-way call. After going through a dedicated career in elite gymnast and massage therapy, Jen finally decided to dive into network marketing after 3 reluctant years of dabbling.  With persistence and dedication, she has now grown her business to 6 figures and is continuing to rapidly grow her business.  She has learned the value of getting help from experts, “friends”, and how to help the prospects feel comfortable and get started in the best way they can.

Things they cover today include:

  • What to do to get started growing your business instead of dabbling
  • What leadership means
  • The importance of attending as many events as you can
  • The value and 3-way call
  • How to be successful and get the help you need to grow your business
  • How to pick the right person to be the expert on your 3-way call
  • How to arrange the call and introduce the expert
  • How to introduce the expert with the prospect

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