045 – Cathy Savage – Shape Up Your Body, Mind and Bank Account

Cathy Savage“Being Authentic”. Today we are excited to have Cathy Savage on Amplified Network Marketing with David.  Cathy is an internationally recognized fitness and figure coach.  She has been featured on MTV, ABC News and Fox News and she is currently a member of the prestigious Advisory panel and contributor of Oxygen Magazine and Strong Magazine.

Cathy’s online nutrition and training program is the first and most prominent all-inclusive global training program of its kind. Her company is known for transforming the physiques of both athletes and people who simply want to look like they compete, with a natural, non-extreme approach, no matter where they live! Cathy has coached and mentored celebrities, athletes, television personalities for lifestyle changes and business strategies as well. Her clients span the globe from the US, to Australia, Asia, and Europe and throughout North America.

Today Cathy will share: 

  • Her brand “Savage Girls” and how she came up with this.
  • The importance of fueling your life and capturing this mindset.
  • What she makes in ONE month working as a Network Marketer, how she was introduced to this industry and when she started looking at the business opportunity.
  • Having BELIEF and knowing the product MEANS something to you for this to work. 
  • How much she loves her career as a Fitness Coach and a Network Marketer.
  • Being in the industry for only 3 years, what Cathy has learned and where she sees herself in 3 years.
  • The importance of Internal and Personal growth, having a vision and setting goals.
  • Great advice for all of you, the importance of events and showing your passion.

Cathy is amazing, she is very confident and her language and messages are beautiful!  She is passionate about helping others to reach their goals internally, physically and financially.   You don’t want to miss this great show!

Favorite Quotes: 

“Do the work and trust the process.”

“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.”

Favorite books:
Art of the Deal by Donald Trump (Kindle Edition)
The Law of Money: 5 Timeless Secrets to Get Out and Stay Out of Financial Trouble by  Suze Orman
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker (Kindle Version)

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