Stuart Leetham: Managing Mindset Into A Position of Success [Podcast 103]

Shows like Amplified Network Marketing often feature and highlight the raging financial success stories, those people who rise to the top like a shot and never look back. But this episode is not one of those. This is a story of a very normal man who stepped into Network Marketing seriously right at the height of his personal failures. He had experienced a business failure, was deeply in debt, and because of all the financial stress, went through a divorce. To top it all off, he slipped into a depression that almost led to him taking his life. That’s where the power of the Network Marketing community came to bear on his story. In this episode you’re going to hear a man who very honestly shares the struggles and the hope ahead because of Network Marketing, as he’s experienced it and as he sees it.

Stuart LeethamFrom Suicidal to Hopeful… because of Network Marketing.

Stuart Leetham has not made it big in Network Marketing. But that’s not what he was looking to to help him move out of a deep depression. His new circle of friends, the ones who are surrounding him in his Network Marketing business, introduced him to podcasts, audiobooks, and other resources that have helped him rethink who he is, what he’s in the world to accomplish, and what’s possible in his life. It’s those personal development tools that have been the main source of hope that he’s been able to draw from, and he’s eager to tell anyone who doubts the power of Network Marketing that it’s about more than the money. There’s a hopeful life to be found.

Many traditional businesses simply create a job for you.

That’s because in order for your financial margins to work out the way they need to, you have to work in the business to make the profit margin possible. You don’t get the lifestyle or time freedom you truly wanted when you bought the business. That’s the situation Stuart Leetham finds himself in even now. But he’s stepped into a Network Marketing business on the side and has become confident that he has the opportunity to work himself out of the traditional business and into a life he really desires. Hear how he’s made such a positive decision for himself, on this episode.

Managing mindset is one of the hardest things for anyone to do.

But the more you surround yourself with people and resources that support the kind of mindset you’re wanting to build, the more you’ll find your negative or limiting beliefs fading away little by little. Stuart Leetham used to consider himself shy and believed in his heart that he was. But after many years of listening to personal development tapes and audiobooks, he decided one day that he wasn’t going to be shy anymore. it’s a change that stuck. Find out why Stuart believes that the personal development aspects of the average Network Marketing group are one of the greatest benefits, on this episode.

$5,000 in his first year as a network marketer is a milestone for Stewart.

It doesn’t sound like very much money, so why is it so significant? The answer is simple: because $5,000 proves to him that it’s possible for him to make money in network marketing. The skepticism is gone. His personality, gifts, and abilities are all he needs to make the business work, and he’s going for it. Listen in as David coaches and challenges Stuart to take his current difficult situations as a motivation to knuckle down and really make his network marketing business the priority it needs to be to move him forward financially. You’ll be encouraged by Stuart’s response.


  • [1:06] How Stuart began network marketing and has worked it in fits and starts.
  • [3:06] A business failure that Stuart experienced that led him to reconsider NM.
  • [5:21] The lessons Stuart learned from his business failure.
  • [8:20] The impact on the family being so far in debt from the business failure.
  • [10:41] The common theme Stuart’s story represents.
  • [11:32] How Stuart survived without going bankrupt.
  • [12:40] How most jobs are not designed to create wealth.
  • [14:55] The way Network Marketing empowers personal development and how it has impacted Stuart personally.
  • [20:32] What kind of changes could happen in Stuart’s life by amping up his NM business?
  • [24:47] The actions Stuart could take tomorrow to re-energize his network marketing business.
  • [26:14] 5 areas of belief that make a network marketing opportunity work.
  • [27:36] The importance of understanding that you’ll be awkward at first.
  • [29:06] How it all starts with one person who has the vision.
  • [31:50] The power of finding one person who will say “yes.”
  • [32:38] The personal development offered by Network Marketing saved Stuart’s life.


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