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091 – The Journey to Be Professional – Jen Newman – Expert Series

Jen NewmanAttention! Happiness on air! :) Today David’s guest is the lovely Jen Newman; sharing her “happitude” and her journey to becoming a professional Network Marketer with us. Jen shares tips on how to be successful in this industry; from when and how to ask for help, to how to talk about the product, to how to listen people into the business, to becoming successful by making others successful. Jen has gone on to making $5,000 a week, in only one year and a half. She says the shackles have come off, she now has Choice, and Freedom, and that she makes friends for a living! Tune in and catch the energy and passion for life that this amazing couple has to share.

Jen Newman is a former Elite Canadian Gymnast and after missing qualifying for the 1992 Olympics by only a few spots, she has been on a personal journey to fall in love with her imperfections and find true inner happiness. She is a Health and Business Coach, Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher, but is mostly proud to call herself a ‘Happiness Practitioner’.

Jen founded HAPPITUDE as a forum to cultivate healthy habits for a happy life. HAPPITUDE is based on the science of happiness and the concept of neuroplasticity, which proves that we can re-wire our brains for a happy mindset, and by practicing happy habits we can change our physiology to become happier from the inside out.

Jen’s mission is to contribute to the happiness revolution by helping enough people recognize the true nature of happiness, and help them to habitually practice happiness and create society-wide-abundance.

Alive by Empire of the sun
Believe by Cher
Believe by Brooks & Dunn
Friends in Low Places by American Rock Heroes

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

053 – The Art of Connection – David T.S. Wood & Jen Newman – Expert Series

Meaningful Conversations Two women chatting over teaToday David and Jen share the F.O.R.M.U.L.A to connect more easily with people and find common ground.  This is a critical skill for all network marketers must have to be hugely successful.  David shares his teachings that help people from around the world become masters at connecting.

What you will learn:

  • How to get away from the ‘getting’ business and getting into the ‘sharing’ business
  • The signal of the ‘eyebrow lift’
  • The importance of a smile
  • The impact of the simple ‘hello’
  • The importance of common ground
  • How to start a conversation
  • The F.O.R.M.U.L.A to conversational success

Todays Music:
ZZ Top – Tush
ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man
ZZ Top – La Grange
ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin’

Today’s Quote:
“People don’t care how much you know until
they know how much you care”

047 – The Power of Events – David Wood, Jen Newman, Suzanne Skillen & Paul McAneny (Expert Series)

David Training In Brisbane

Events will skyrocket your team more than any other investment.

This all-star cast of experts discusses how transformative and powerful events are for those in network marketing and how you can get the most out of the events you go to.

This fun show was taped in the car on the way between events and proves to be a huge value and a lot of fun too.

In this show, they discuss:

  • What they each get out of events
  • The most powerful areas of growth at events
  • How to afford events if you don’t think you have money
  • The types of events there are and how to choose
  • Why events are really essential and not optional if you want to be a professional
  • Why you should go to the same event many times
  • Why they should be treated as investments and not expenses
  • Why consistency is important
  • What to do when running your own event
  • How to have events even when you are beginning
  • Why you should bring others on the team to events

What a fun show with so many nuggets about events and how to really engage, grow and accelerate your career as a professional network marketer.

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044 – Jen Newman – A Critical Skill to Explode Your Business – Expert Series (ES12)

Jen NewmanToday, David discusses with Jen Newman, about the importance  and value of  the 3-way call. After going through a dedicated career in elite gymnast and massage therapy, Jen finally decided to dive into network marketing after 3 reluctant years of dabbling.  With persistence and dedication, she has now grown her business to 6 figures and is continuing to rapidly grow her business.  She has learned the value of getting help from experts, “friends”, and how to help the prospects feel comfortable and get started in the best way they can.

Things they cover today include:

  • What to do to get started growing your business instead of dabbling
  • What leadership means
  • The importance of attending as many events as you can
  • The value and 3-way call
  • How to be successful and get the help you need to grow your business
  • How to pick the right person to be the expert on your 3-way call
  • How to arrange the call and introduce the expert
  • How to introduce the expert with the prospect

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