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Shawn Owen: Building wealth – His story, his strategies. [ Podcast 115]

Shawn and Kari-Lyn OwenShawn Owen is a guy who’s built his wealth independently by doing it himself. He’s tried lots of things and has figured out what works. On this special “EXTENDED EDITION” of the podcast Shawn shares his story, his strategies, and the major things you need to know and get under your belt if you are going to truly build wealth to fuel your lifestyle and purpose.


Stuart Leetham: Managing Mindset Into A Position of Success [Podcast 103]

Shows like Amplified Network Marketing often feature and highlight the raging financial success stories, those people who rise to the top like a shot and never look back. But this episode is not one of those. This is a story of a very normal man who stepped into Network Marketing seriously right at the height of his personal failures. He had experienced a business failure, was deeply in debt, and because of all the financial stress, went through a divorce. To top it all off, he slipped into a depression that almost led to him taking his life. That’s where the power of the Network Marketing community came to bear on his story. In this episode you’re going to hear a man who very honestly shares the struggles and the hope ahead because of Network Marketing, as he’s experienced it and as he sees it.

Stuart LeethamFrom Suicidal to Hopeful… because of Network Marketing.

Stuart Leetham has not made it big in Network Marketing. But that’s not what he was looking to to help him move out of a deep depression. His new circle of friends, the ones who are surrounding him in his Network Marketing business, introduced him to podcasts, audiobooks, and other resources that have helped him rethink who he is, what he’s in the world to accomplish, and what’s possible in his life. It’s those personal development tools that have been the main source of hope that he’s been able to draw from, and he’s eager to tell anyone who doubts the power of Network Marketing that it’s about more than the money. There’s a hopeful life to be found.

Many traditional businesses simply create a job for you.

That’s because in order for your financial margins to work out the way they need to, you have to work in the business to make the profit margin possible. You don’t get the lifestyle or time freedom you truly wanted when you bought the business. That’s the situation Stuart Leetham finds himself in even now. But he’s stepped into a Network Marketing business on the side and has become confident that he has the opportunity to work himself out of the traditional business and into a life he really desires. Hear how he’s made such a positive decision for himself, on this episode.

Managing mindset is one of the hardest things for anyone to do.

But the more you surround yourself with people and resources that support the kind of mindset you’re wanting to build, the more you’ll find your negative or limiting beliefs fading away little by little. Stuart Leetham used to consider himself shy and believed in his heart that he was. But after many years of listening to personal development tapes and audiobooks, he decided one day that he wasn’t going to be shy anymore. it’s a change that stuck. Find out why Stuart believes that the personal development aspects of the average Network Marketing group are one of the greatest benefits, on this episode.

$5,000 in his first year as a network marketer is a milestone for Stewart.

It doesn’t sound like very much money, so why is it so significant? The answer is simple: because $5,000 proves to him that it’s possible for him to make money in network marketing. The skepticism is gone. His personality, gifts, and abilities are all he needs to make the business work, and he’s going for it. Listen in as David coaches and challenges Stuart to take his current difficult situations as a motivation to knuckle down and really make his network marketing business the priority it needs to be to move him forward financially. You’ll be encouraged by Stuart’s response.


  • [1:06] How Stuart began network marketing and has worked it in fits and starts.
  • [3:06] A business failure that Stuart experienced that led him to reconsider NM.
  • [5:21] The lessons Stuart learned from his business failure.
  • [8:20] The impact on the family being so far in debt from the business failure.
  • [10:41] The common theme Stuart’s story represents.
  • [11:32] How Stuart survived without going bankrupt.
  • [12:40] How most jobs are not designed to create wealth.
  • [14:55] The way Network Marketing empowers personal development and how it has impacted Stuart personally.
  • [20:32] What kind of changes could happen in Stuart’s life by amping up his NM business?
  • [24:47] The actions Stuart could take tomorrow to re-energize his network marketing business.
  • [26:14] 5 areas of belief that make a network marketing opportunity work.
  • [27:36] The importance of understanding that you’ll be awkward at first.
  • [29:06] How it all starts with one person who has the vision.
  • [31:50] The power of finding one person who will say “yes.”
  • [32:38] The personal development offered by Network Marketing saved Stuart’s life.


The Four Agreements

The Go Giver


100 – David T.S. Wood & Ben Wood – FISH! – What We Can Learn to Improve Results from a Fish Market – Personal Development Series

David and Ben Wood 2A Father and Son Collaboration: As promised, David brings his son, Ben back to do another book report for us. Ben begins by sharing his experience in the Seattle Fish Market which is the setting for the book he is reporting on today. He goes through the four important elements of the book, and describes each one of them. They are:

1. Choose your attitude.
2. Play and Have Fun
3. Make their Day
4. Be Present

You will enjoy not only the book report, but also, the fresh point of view of a 14 year old who makes all this relevant to his life, while making us do the same.

FISH!, The national bestseller… inspired by the amazing learning film.
By Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul and John Christensen

Filled with timeless wisdom for anyone in any field or career level, FISH! is one of the most popular business parables of all time. Millions of people around the world use its practical truths to improve customer service, build trust and teamwork, bolster leadership and increase employee satisfaction. They also use these ideas to strengthen personal relationships, and to live with greater purpose and happiness.

Tune in, sit back, and ENJOY!

Don’t Bring Me Down by Electric Light Orchestra
Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
Hold On Tight by Electric Light Orchestra
Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra

098 – Herb & Patty Cepeda – The Second Time Around – Huge Success and Ultimate Freedom

Herb and Patty CepedaTune in and get inspired as this incredible couple share their amazing journey, and valuable tips with David. As always David asks the questions to get important tips for us. His guests today are: Herb and Patty Cepeda. Herb was a State Trooper going from $19,000 – $30,000 a year, to $300,000 a month as a successful Network marketer!!! They talk about the trigger that made them go the extra mile, which is the “Freedom” that this great profession provides; for them it provided them with the opportunity to be around their beautiful family, and raise their 5 children together.

Herb and Patty are veteran network marketers with 20 years of experience as top earners in four companies. They are internationally sought after speakers and trainers. Their enthusiastic, energetic personalities are contagious. Their ability to capture an audience and instruct people to soar up to heights they never imagined is uncanny. They truly believe in anyone who believes in themselves, and they have an unwitting ability to help anyone believe they can! Herb & Patty are one of the greatest teams of motivational coaches of all time and have proven themselves both in the industry of Network Marketing and as a goal attaining, business coaches and mentors. They have risen to the top of everything they touch, from sports to business. They have a supernatural power to help people to rise higher than they ever thought possible and to assist them in breaking down any barriers they perceive exists.

I Believe You Can
by Patty Cepeda
Purity: The New Moral Revolution by Kris Vallotton
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Conversations With Millionaires by Mike Litman & Jason Oman
10 Commitments For Dads by Josh McDowell

096 – Shauna Ekstrom & Dr. Scott Peterson – The Heartfelt Network Marketing, A Legacy!

Shauna Ekstrom and Dr. Scott PetersenWhat a beautiful story! Today, David’s guests are Shauna Ekstrom & Dr. Scott peterson, Newly-weds who’s love story is woven in the threads of Network Marketing. Listen to them telling their amazing stories and sharing their fears, and hurtles, and solutions.

Scott, a successful dentist who was always looking for the “Freedom from the Alarm clock”, who had tried (but never really worked) 11 Network companies and was convinced the profession was not for him, becoming a successful Network Marketer, and together with his beautiful wife, passing the legacy onto others.

Shauna; a high school drop-out, hair stylist, and mom going from making maximum $50,000 a year, to multi-million dollar business owner, entrepreneur contributing to tens of thousands of people either directly or indirectly in the network marketing profession.

Shauna talks about a profession which allows you to create a legacy: How her daughter, a professional artist who didn’t believe in the profession, is now making high 6 figure income to provide for her 3 daughters!

Tune in and learn, admire, and get motivated.

Beyond the Red Doors by Shauna Ekstrom
Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


“Make your strengths productive and your weaknesses irrelevant.” Shauna Ekstrom

“You want to give your kids roots and wings not loot and things.” Denis waitley

Shake It Off
by Taylor Swift


095 – Shawn Stratton – Leadership & Conflict Resolution – Personal Development Series

Shawn StrattonWhat a fantastic show! Today David is chatting with International team builder, and leadership consultant Shawn Stratton. David and Shawn share invaluable tips about how to be a great leader and where to start.

Shawn talks about his background and explains how he uses expeditions in the wilderness to build teams, and bring out the human element in business colleagues.

Shawn talks about how we tend to hide behind masks in society and how being outside your element, makes the masks come off, and that’s where real personal development, and team building, and leadership can thrive. He then explains how what people learn in the wilderness can be brought into every day work environment; By trying to create an environment for vulnerability!

Tune in and hear David and Shawn share their experiences, and take away a whole lot of valuable tips!

Shawn Stratton is an international teambuilding and leadership consultant, bestselling author, an Ironman and a Marathon competitor, and expedition guide. Driven by a love for experiential education, adventure, and leadership, he has devoted 20 years to leading teams, including over 2,000 days of wilderness expeditions into some of the world’s harshest environments, and six years consulting with corporations in team building and leadership development. His first book, Teams on the Edge: Stories & Lessons from Wilderness Expeditions, released in 2013, was an instant bestseller. In 2013 Shawn was also inducted into the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s College of Fellows. Stratton is a senior instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School and has sat on the boards of various volunteer organizations, which benefit from his dynamic leadership and wide range of teambuilding expertise.

Shawn lives in Calgary, with his wife, Alexandra, and two young daughters, Sierra and Trinity. We’re excited that he is with us today.

Teams on The Edge by Shawn Stratton
Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’’t by Simon Sinek  (Kindle Edition with Audio/Video)

“Don’t let anything live rent-free in your head.”
“It wouldn’t be an adventure if you knew the ending.” Shawn Stratton

How to Play with Shawn:

090 – Making a Difference in the World by Contributing to Other’s Happiness – David & Angelike Norrie

David and Angelike NorrieWhat a show! Today, David’s guests are David & Angelike Norrie, two wonderful souls who have thrived not only in their own lives and relationship, but in bringing happiness, success, and freedom to others. Listen to them telling David their stories, what this wonderful business has done for them and how Network Marketing helped them see who they were meant to be.

David started as a journalist, working in a radio station and writing for the sport section of a Newspaper. He loved being with people, and telling their stories; he identified with the human spirit. He was also a personal trainer on the side. He was unhappy and did not see a future in that business that would make him truly happy until he was introduced to the world of Network Marketing by his wife Angelike Norrie. They met when David had to reluctantly interview Angelike after having won some Fitness Competition! 

Angelike, a college drop-out, started in Martial Arts, winning championships, then gone to Corporate America and was very successful  in medical device sales after some bad knee injuries. After escaping 60-hour work weeks with extensive travel, she switched to Network Marketing and discovered the freedom to enjoy life, and the people in hers. Angelike is the author of “Life Lines”, a 4-part journal series for women. Using the power of technology, Angelike developed Lady Boss Training, an online monthly membership club for women who want to be mentored and coached with cutting edge health information, fun recipes, laughter and goofiness, and strategies for building happy, balanced lives and financial stability. Angelike’s philosophy and the Lady Boss program have been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, and CBS.

Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell
Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo
Networking for People Who Hate Networking by Devora Zack

“Today is tomorrow’s yesterday, make it count.” Unknown


087 – From “Actively disinterested” to “Actively in love” with Network Marketing – Katie Fredricksen

Katie FredricksenJoin David saluting his guest, Katie Fredricksen as an ambassador of the profession. Katie tells how she and her husband went from being “actively disinterested” to full-time, successful Network Marketers. She not only talks about her journey but is full of excellent tips on how to overcome challenges, how to stay focused, and how to deal with rejection.

Katie Fredricksen lives in Northern California. She started as a trainer in leadership development, corporate training, and experiential learning. She was enjoying her job and developed a passion in working with people. The financial crises in 2007 affected her and her husband’s financial stability, and that’s when she was introduced to the profession, by friend. She Joined a company and got to the very top by focusing on all the right things to survive the changes and turbulances that she had to face. She is incredible at guiding her team and all new comers to the profession. When asked how she feels since this fabulous profession, she says, other than the obvious $1/2 Million income, she is mostly grateful for having found incredible relationships with people in the business, she feels Smart, she feels Healthier, she feels Loved, and most importantly, she feels Capable!

If you wish to feel the same way, tune in and take advantage of Katie’s words of advice.

Loving What Is 
by Byron Katie (Kindle Edition)
Illusions by Richard Bach (Kindle Edition)
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Kindle Edition)

084 – Network Marketing: An Abundance of Choice! – Ben Kelly

Ben KellyTune in and be in awe of the story behind today’s guest’s journey to success in this wonderful business. David’s guest today is Ben Kelly telling us about the effort it took to go from being depressed enough to contemplate suicide to a life of Freedom, happiness, and self-worth, surrounded by loving, caring, and interesting people.

Ben Kelly is relatively new to Network Marketing. He has been working the business for only 16 months, and is already enjoying the fruit of his work. He started as a professional brick layer, hating and dreading his job, an uncertain and inconsistent income, dealing with the idea that this was going to be his life until he got old and died, basically being in a hopeless, and depressive situation. After discovering Network Marketing, he not only grew his income from “at best” $1,200 a week, to “at least” $10,000 a week, in only 16 months, but also found hope, happiness and true Freedom. Ben and his sister, have both already achieved the most noble of goals which was to free their mother from the financial burdens she faced: They have already paid off her mortgage, and going steadily on.

When asked what his take on Network Marketing is, he says: ” The abundance of choice it provides!”

David leaves us to contemplate on this true message of hope.

Here’s how to get in touch with Ben

The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle (Hardcover Edition)(Kindle Edition)
Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks (Hardcover Edition)(Kindle Edition)
The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther Hicks (Hardcover Edition)(Kindle Edition)
The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann (Kindle Edition) (Audio CD)

081 – Learn from 38 year Network Marketing Veteran how to become a Millionaire in 4 years! – Richard Brooke

What an amazing show today!! Today David asks Richard Brooke, (38 years in the business), a man he respects and values beyond measure, to share his secrets to success in Network Marketing: “a business model that promises fun, freedom and a life beyond money!” as he puts it.

Richard Brooke has shaped many people’s careers, showed them the tools, and taught them the skills.  He himself has gone from pumping gas and living at a gas station in his camper, to being a successful 38 year full-time Network Marketing Veteran and a highly respected corporate executive. He is a former elected member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Board of Directors.

During his career, he has not only paved the road for newcomers in the industry, but has also passed the flame to thousands of leaders by teaching them about courage, team spirit, and leadership. He is the author of Mailbox Money, Mach II With Your Hair On Fire and co-author of The New Entrepreneurs: Business Visionaries for the 21st Century.

As always David leaves us with this reminder: “Turn up the dial on your life, turn up the dial on your relationship, crank up the dial on your intimacy, squeeze the juice out of every second because you deserve it!”

As always David leaves us with this reminder: “Turn up the dial on your life, turn up the dial on your relationship, crank up the dial on your intimacy, squeeze the juice out of every second because you deserve it!”

Recommended Books:
The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke (Kindle Edition)(Audio CD Edition)
Mach II With Your Hair On Fire by  Richard Brooke (hardcover version)(Kindle Edition)
The New Entrepreneurs: Business Visionaries for the 21st Century by Michael Ray

Richard’s websites: