Amplified Island Adventure

belize-island7 days on David’s private island

David will lead you on a beautiful journey of adventure, culture, the unknown and fun.

You will learn:belize-hut-in-sunset

  • How to be more present
  • How to be more connected to people and to nature
  • How to Attract the things you want in your life especially success
  • How to become bigger than the obstacles you face
  • How to be happier on a daily basis
  • How to unlock your true potential and live it every day
  • How to write yourself into a bigger story
  • How to develop a winner’s mindset
  • How to develop and live with greater range
  • How to truly Amplify every area of your life and make it Kickass
  • And How to have MORE FUN everyday while creating massive success

The price is:

$3025 per person in a double
$2600 if you have a triple

  • First com, first served
  • This includes all food and board, your boat shuttle to and from the island
  • It does not include, alcohol, flights and any additional excursions

To Register:

Email Denise ( for registration form