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078 – David T.S. Wood – Turning Expectations into Cash – Expert Series

Cash SurpriseToday we get to listen to our favorite expert – David T.S. Wood! In today’s show David names “unrealistic expectations” as the main reason why people quit, so he urges everyone to have realistic expectations, put in the work, go through the learning curve, and most importantly: give yourself time to get there. Because in Network Marketing like any other profession, there are certain things you have to do, and there are certain things you have to learn! David reminds us that: You can be part-time, you can be full-time, but you can’t be sometime!

As a special treat, David gives us some hints, dates, and insight into what he calls: The Countdown to The Woodstock of Personal Development!

He closes the show with some extremely valuable advice: Stop listening to broke unhappy people! And Crank up the Dial on your life!

Today’s Songs:
“No Expectations” Rolling Stones

056 – The Enemy of Dreams – David T.S. Wood – Expert Series

Expectations Woman with future cloud above headEver wondered how we can often sabotage our own dreams, how we can kill the passion that we have for something to the point where we actually want to quit. Listen in as David explore how your expectations can and often do not only kill dreams but also create unnecessary unhappiness

On Todays Show:

  • How we can kill our own dreams
  • The Outliers Principle
  • The Journey from Disaster to Master
  • Why counting time does not work
  • A reality check

Todays Quotes:

“Expectations are the enemy, detachment is the ally.”

“Every master was once a disaster.” 

Roger Bannister’s 4 Min Mile

Todays Songs:

Expectations – Brika
Expectations – Zebrahead
Expectations – Expectation 

Toss Your Expectations into the Ocean