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099 – David T.S. Wood – The Journey Is Worth It! – Expert Series

David T.S. WoodTune in to the Expert Series that we have a soft spot for: The ones where it’s David himself talking. What a show you guys! He is telling it all from the bottom of his heart. He wants us to know what it takes to become extremely successful in this amazing profession of Network Marketing, but he insists on us listening to the whole speech! This is “what it takes” but you HAVE TO go through the learning curve, and INVEST IN YOURSELF. Begs us not to give up at the beginning because we are bad at it, because if we keep at it, and learn, we will get better every day. The true philosophy behind success in Network Marketing. And he reminds us all once again that “Our Wealth Can Only Grow To The Extent We Grow Ourselves!”

He leaves us to contemplate on this amazing phrase: “If you want to be an extraordinary network marketer, become an extraordinary person, do extraordinary things!”

David T.S. Wood is a Business Leader, an Author, a Trainer, a Coach and a Humanitarian who has lived, traveled, worked in over 50 countries, and brings his passion for people, culture and the unknown to everything he does.

As a Business Leader he has grown multiple multi-million dollar companies.

As a Trainer and Speaker, he brings his global experience and deep understanding of the human condition to create some of the most dynamic, engaging, fun and effective events.

As a Coach, he is internationally recognized as “The Trainers’ Trainer” and works with thousands of trainers, teachers and educators, across the globe.

As a Humanitarian, David is a spokesperson, fundraiser and advocate for the Make-a-Wish Foundation among many other charity works and organizations.

As a Person, he is real, authentic, funny, generous, and humble.

As a Father, he is proud; David would tell you that his greatest accomplishment is being the father of his two boys, Calvin and Ben.

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
by Aerosmith
Walk This Way by Aerosmith
Crazy by Aerosmith
Cryin’ by Aerosmith
Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith
Money by Pink Floyd


“If you want to be an extraordinary network marketer, become an extraordinary person, do extraordinary things!” David T.S. Wood

“The Pessimist sees difficulty in every Opportunity the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

“Success is The ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

078 – David T.S. Wood – Turning Expectations into Cash – Expert Series

Cash SurpriseToday we get to listen to our favorite expert – David T.S. Wood! In today’s show David names “unrealistic expectations” as the main reason why people quit, so he urges everyone to have realistic expectations, put in the work, go through the learning curve, and most importantly: give yourself time to get there. Because in Network Marketing like any other profession, there are certain things you have to do, and there are certain things you have to learn! David reminds us that: You can be part-time, you can be full-time, but you can’t be sometime!

As a special treat, David gives us some hints, dates, and insight into what he calls: The Countdown to The Woodstock of Personal Development!

He closes the show with some extremely valuable advice: Stop listening to broke unhappy people! And Crank up the Dial on your life!

Today’s Songs:
“No Expectations” Rolling Stones

074 – David T.S. Wood – Choose Freedom Today – Expert Series

David Wood - FreedomNetwork Marketing Rocks Today! Today’s expert is no other than David T.S. Wood himself! What a show we have for you today: Choosing Freedom! Today David tells us why he thinks that Network marketing is the greatest vehicle on the planet Earth to Freedom! And why he is so totally in love with this profession; It’s all about the Freedom it provides: Freedom – “The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hinder or restraint; the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.” David tells it all in his favorite flavor: the spice of winners – Passion!

David T.S. Wood, our host, is a Business Leader, an Author, a Trainer, a Coach and a Humanitarian who has lived, traveled, worked in over 50 countries, and brings his passion for people, culture and the unknown to everything he does.

As always, David T.S. Wood urges you to crank up the dial on your Bank Account, your Relationships, and Your Life!

071 – The Art of Connecting – Carolyne Rodrigues – Expert Series

Carolyne Rodrigues 2Talk about valuable tips that anyone can follow and become successful! Do not miss David’s show today! Today David has the lovely Carolyne Rodrigues talking about the art of connecting. They both tell us about systems that help master the art of connecting; Formulas that allow you to connect with Anyone, at Anytime, and in Any Situation.

Carolyne Rodrigues a successful Network Marketer who had been a flight attendant for 33 years before she decided to become a Network Marketer. Today she talks about challenges she had to overcome in this wonderful field of Network Marketing, and how she did it. She leaves us with 4 of her favorite wishes: Ease, peace, joy and love

Listen, learn, enjoy, and most of all don’t forget to: “Crank it up!!”

059 – Stop Reinventing the Wheel – David T.S. Wood – Expert Series

Reinvention_Man_building_colorful_Puzzle__jpgSo many Networkers get caught in the ‘reinventing trap’ and rarely
notice how their desire to reinvent the wheel is actually creating
confusion and separation that will ultimately hold them back or slow
them down from creating success.

What you will learn on the show:

  • How the NIH disease slows down success
  • How Ignorance exasperates the problem
  • How your ego can trick you
  • How ‘reuse’ ‘borrow’ or ‘Convert’ can change your life
  • Why ‘Curation’ may be the answer

Todays Songs:

Smile – Michael Buble
Nice n’ Easy – Michael Buble
You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Michael Buble
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Michael Buble

Todays Quote:

“Systems are Duplicable
People are not ”

Bloomberg Business Week
Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel

056 – The Enemy of Dreams – David T.S. Wood – Expert Series

Expectations Woman with future cloud above headEver wondered how we can often sabotage our own dreams, how we can kill the passion that we have for something to the point where we actually want to quit. Listen in as David explore how your expectations can and often do not only kill dreams but also create unnecessary unhappiness

On Todays Show:

  • How we can kill our own dreams
  • The Outliers Principle
  • The Journey from Disaster to Master
  • Why counting time does not work
  • A reality check

Todays Quotes:

“Expectations are the enemy, detachment is the ally.”

“Every master was once a disaster.” 

Roger Bannister’s 4 Min Mile

Todays Songs:

Expectations – Brika
Expectations – Zebrahead
Expectations – Expectation 

Toss Your Expectations into the Ocean


047 – The Power of Events – David Wood, Jen Newman, Suzanne Skillen & Paul McAneny (Expert Series)

David Training In Brisbane

Events will skyrocket your team more than any other investment.

This all-star cast of experts discusses how transformative and powerful events are for those in network marketing and how you can get the most out of the events you go to.

This fun show was taped in the car on the way between events and proves to be a huge value and a lot of fun too.

In this show, they discuss:

  • What they each get out of events
  • The most powerful areas of growth at events
  • How to afford events if you don’t think you have money
  • The types of events there are and how to choose
  • Why events are really essential and not optional if you want to be a professional
  • Why you should go to the same event many times
  • Why they should be treated as investments and not expenses
  • Why consistency is important
  • What to do when running your own event
  • How to have events even when you are beginning
  • Why you should bring others on the team to events

What a fun show with so many nuggets about events and how to really engage, grow and accelerate your career as a professional network marketer.

If you are interested in learning more, go to:



044 – Jen Newman – A Critical Skill to Explode Your Business – Expert Series (ES12)

Jen NewmanToday, David discusses with Jen Newman, about the importance  and value of  the 3-way call. After going through a dedicated career in elite gymnast and massage therapy, Jen finally decided to dive into network marketing after 3 reluctant years of dabbling.  With persistence and dedication, she has now grown her business to 6 figures and is continuing to rapidly grow her business.  She has learned the value of getting help from experts, “friends”, and how to help the prospects feel comfortable and get started in the best way they can.

Things they cover today include:

  • What to do to get started growing your business instead of dabbling
  • What leadership means
  • The importance of attending as many events as you can
  • The value and 3-way call
  • How to be successful and get the help you need to grow your business
  • How to pick the right person to be the expert on your 3-way call
  • How to arrange the call and introduce the expert
  • How to introduce the expert with the prospect

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041 – Susan Sly – Six Behaviors That Hold You Back & How to Change – Expert Series (ES11)

Susan SlyAre you as organized and productive as you could be?” We are excited to have Susan Sly back on our Expert Series.  Today she will be talking about Personalities and Behaviors.

Susan shares her most recent experience of just completing the Boston Marathon.

On Today’s show Susan will talk about: 

  • Wasting time and what are you wasting your time doing.
  • 3 different types of Actions.
  • The importance of creating balance for yourself.
  • Faking belief and the importance of being AUTHENTIC.
  • The different Personalities & Behavior types.
  • 5 Principles Susan teaches.

What an amazing show, everyone will learn something from Susan, her language is absolutely beautiful and be sure to have a pen so you can take notes, she will share great tips and advice.

If you haven’t tuned into Susan’s story, you don’t want to miss this!
Susan Sly – Achieving Financial Success While Living a Balanced Life

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’’t by Simon Sinek  (Kindle Edition with Audio/Video)
The Power by Rhonda Byrne (Kindle Edition) (Audio CD)

susan-slyUseful Links:




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028 – ES07 – Gina Mote – Social Media Tips & Tricks – Facebook for Network Marketers (Expert Series)

Gina_Mote_Bio_and_Headshot“Using Social Media to help build your business”

On Today’s Expert Series we are excited to have Gina Mote back talking about SOCIAL MEDIA – the Do’s And Don’ts! 

What should Network Marketers do on Social Media and can it be a valuable part of how they grow their business?

That’s a great question and the answer is absolutely, YES!

What you will learn today:

  • Find out how Social Media is so beneficial for those starting out who are more shy and quiet.
  • Building your business with your family.
  • The importance of Branding and some KEY tips that will help you get started.
  • Should you have a both a Business Page and Personal Page?
  • Some great tips to follow when using Facebook.
  • Negativity and how this can be so unattractive to others.
  • The importance of being Consistent.
  • How your UPLINE can help you.

Be sure to listen in to Gina’s great tips on making Social Media work for you!

Today’s Songs:
This is Your Life – Switchfoot
This is Home – Switchfoot

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