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098 – Herb & Patty Cepeda – The Second Time Around – Huge Success and Ultimate Freedom

Herb and Patty CepedaTune in and get inspired as this incredible couple share their amazing journey, and valuable tips with David. As always David asks the questions to get important tips for us. His guests today are: Herb and Patty Cepeda. Herb was a State Trooper going from $19,000 – $30,000 a year, to $300,000 a month as a successful Network marketer!!! They talk about the trigger that made them go the extra mile, which is the “Freedom” that this great profession provides; for them it provided them with the opportunity to be around their beautiful family, and raise their 5 children together.

Herb and Patty are veteran network marketers with 20 years of experience as top earners in four companies. They are internationally sought after speakers and trainers. Their enthusiastic, energetic personalities are contagious. Their ability to capture an audience and instruct people to soar up to heights they never imagined is uncanny. They truly believe in anyone who believes in themselves, and they have an unwitting ability to help anyone believe they can! Herb & Patty are one of the greatest teams of motivational coaches of all time and have proven themselves both in the industry of Network Marketing and as a goal attaining, business coaches and mentors. They have risen to the top of everything they touch, from sports to business. They have a supernatural power to help people to rise higher than they ever thought possible and to assist them in breaking down any barriers they perceive exists.

I Believe You Can
by Patty Cepeda
Purity: The New Moral Revolution by Kris Vallotton
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Conversations With Millionaires by Mike Litman & Jason Oman
10 Commitments For Dads by Josh McDowell

087 – From “Actively disinterested” to “Actively in love” with Network Marketing – Katie Fredricksen

Katie FredricksenJoin David saluting his guest, Katie Fredricksen as an ambassador of the profession. Katie tells how she and her husband went from being “actively disinterested” to full-time, successful Network Marketers. She not only talks about her journey but is full of excellent tips on how to overcome challenges, how to stay focused, and how to deal with rejection.

Katie Fredricksen lives in Northern California. She started as a trainer in leadership development, corporate training, and experiential learning. She was enjoying her job and developed a passion in working with people. The financial crises in 2007 affected her and her husband’s financial stability, and that’s when she was introduced to the profession, by friend. She Joined a company and got to the very top by focusing on all the right things to survive the changes and turbulances that she had to face. She is incredible at guiding her team and all new comers to the profession. When asked how she feels since this fabulous profession, she says, other than the obvious $1/2 Million income, she is mostly grateful for having found incredible relationships with people in the business, she feels Smart, she feels Healthier, she feels Loved, and most importantly, she feels Capable!

If you wish to feel the same way, tune in and take advantage of Katie’s words of advice.

Loving What Is 
by Byron Katie (Kindle Edition)
Illusions by Richard Bach (Kindle Edition)
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Kindle Edition)

072 – Celebrate Your Life! Top Tips for an Extraordinary Life – Personal Development Series

Celebrate Your LifeWe’ve heard it and we know it, but, boy do we need to be reminded every once in a while!! 

This is exactly what David does for us today, so make sure you don’t miss today’s show! David talks about the importance of celebrating yourself, your friends, your family, and how easily it can be done. The show is full of inspirational quotes from Gandhi to Marilyn Monroe … Listen, get inspired, and crank up the dial on your life!

Songs today:
Celebrate! – Kool & The Gang
Celebrate – Uncle Kracker
Celebrate – Kid Rock
Celebrate – Jordin Sparks
I Just Want to Celebrate – Rare Earth

068 – Can Life Get Any Better Than This? – Warren & Arlene Lance

Warren & Arlene LanceDo you have time to make some serious money and free yourself and your family from financial burdens? Or are you too busy making no money and being miserable? Today David is talking with Warren and Arlene Lance; two dear friends of his who have a success story in the field of Network Marketing you want to hear. 

David asks Warren and Arlene to paint a picture of where they were before they got into the Network Marketing business and another picture today, sitting in their home on the east coast Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada: relaxed, no worries, enjoying the breathtaking views. They tell their story of how in just 6 years they went … from a nightmare …to good health and financial freedom. Today Warren Lance heads the fastest growing team ever!

Recommended Books:
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Audio CD Edition) (Kindle Edition)
The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason (Kindle Edition)

Quotes from the Show:

“You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

058 – Overcoming Depression through Contribution – Kane Fitzpatrick

Kane Fitzpatrick“The Day will come where It will turn around for you and I feel so lucky I walked away and found that day!”.   Today David excited to be chatting with Kane Fitzpatrick.  Kane is 23 years old living in Perth, Australia who has just recently started to build a business in Network Marketing.  Being very involved in sports most of his life, has helped him to be very driven and motivated.  He is a Personal Trainer for his own business Tiger Fitness and has been doing this for 3 years.

Kane will share his story on how he suffered depression for about 6 years and how it eventually led to thoughts of and attempted Suicide and what it means to him to have a close loving supportive family. 

Today Kane will talk about; 

  • His life before he started his own business as a Personal Trainer and how much he was making.
  • How he was introduced to Network Marketing and his income today.
  • His ambition to help others to be fit, healthy and live well financially.
  • Watching his father suffer from depression, losing everything and eventually committing suicide.
  • Contemplating suicide himself, surviving this, and what led to this.

His great advice to everyone who suffers from depression and thoughts of suicide. “Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the chances of it ever getting better.”

Kane’s story is beautiful, he has grown so much and gone through so much in his past.  Since joining Network Marketing, he is so excited and you can hear this in his voice as he shares his story and how he wants to help others do the same. 

Enjoy this amazing show!

Favorite Books: 

Go Pro by Eric Worre (Audio CD Edition) (Kindle Edition)Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Kindle Edition – Deluxe Edition with Study Guide)

Favorite Quotes:

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”


My Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kanepfitzpatrick

Todays Songs: Don’t Worry be Happy – Bobby McFerrin Don’t Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia

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015 – Jen & Jono Patch – Getting Beyond Initial Skepticism to Create a Balanced, Beautiful & Abundant Life

Jen and JonoPatchA magical and beautiful couple Jennifer and Jonathan Patch, David’s amazing friends are on today’s show and we are so excited they can share their love of this industry.  They are from a beach side town called Bargara, Queensland, Australia.  They have two small children.  Jen was a Physiotherapist and Jonathan was a qualified Personal Trainer and ex professional athlete.

Today Jen & Jono will share:

  • Their Life & Income NOW and BEFORE they were introduced to Network Marketing.
  • How they thought they were ALLERGIC to Network Marketing and how they fell in love with the business model.
  • The importance of being healthy and eating clean and help others get healthier and achieve their goals.
  • Jen’s professional ego’s prior to Network Marketing and knowing now that it is an AMAZING profession
  • How success has happened so quickly for them.
  • How special it is to build a business in this amazing industry with YOUR children at your side, sharing this beautiful energy.
  • What they would do differently if they were just starting in this industry today.
  • A tip to AMPLIFY your business
  • Believe in yourself and WHAT you are doing.

You don’t want to miss this GREAT show, Jonathan and Jen are beautiful and you all will be able to relate with so much of what they share on this show. They will share their amazing journey of being introduced to Network Marketing and how their lives have changed AND how they have helped more people in Network Marketing then they have in their previous careers.

Hear how Network Marketing has AMPLIFIED their lives and can do the same for YOU!

Today’s Songs:
Men at work – Down Under
Empire of the Sun – Alive
Bryan Adams – Flying

Favorite books:
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (Audio CD)
The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle (Audio CD)
Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke And How to get Smart, Healthy, and Rich by Randy Gage

Favorite Quotes:
“Getting what you want is not nearly as important as giving what you have.”
“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t barely hear what you are saying.”
“We cannot become what we need remaining what we are.”
“What would love do?”

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