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096 – Shauna Ekstrom & Dr. Scott Peterson – The Heartfelt Network Marketing, A Legacy!

Shauna Ekstrom and Dr. Scott PetersenWhat a beautiful story! Today, David’s guests are Shauna Ekstrom & Dr. Scott peterson, Newly-weds who’s love story is woven in the threads of Network Marketing. Listen to them telling their amazing stories and sharing their fears, and hurtles, and solutions.

Scott, a successful dentist who was always looking for the “Freedom from the Alarm clock”, who had tried (but never really worked) 11 Network companies and was convinced the profession was not for him, becoming a successful Network Marketer, and together with his beautiful wife, passing the legacy onto others.

Shauna; a high school drop-out, hair stylist, and mom going from making maximum $50,000 a year, to multi-million dollar business owner, entrepreneur contributing to tens of thousands of people either directly or indirectly in the network marketing profession.

Shauna talks about a profession which allows you to create a legacy: How her daughter, a professional artist who didn’t believe in the profession, is now making high 6 figure income to provide for her 3 daughters!

Tune in and learn, admire, and get motivated.

Beyond the Red Doors by Shauna Ekstrom
Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


“Make your strengths productive and your weaknesses irrelevant.” Shauna Ekstrom

“You want to give your kids roots and wings not loot and things.” Denis waitley

Shake It Off
by Taylor Swift


087 – From “Actively disinterested” to “Actively in love” with Network Marketing – Katie Fredricksen

Katie FredricksenJoin David saluting his guest, Katie Fredricksen as an ambassador of the profession. Katie tells how she and her husband went from being “actively disinterested” to full-time, successful Network Marketers. She not only talks about her journey but is full of excellent tips on how to overcome challenges, how to stay focused, and how to deal with rejection.

Katie Fredricksen lives in Northern California. She started as a trainer in leadership development, corporate training, and experiential learning. She was enjoying her job and developed a passion in working with people. The financial crises in 2007 affected her and her husband’s financial stability, and that’s when she was introduced to the profession, by friend. She Joined a company and got to the very top by focusing on all the right things to survive the changes and turbulances that she had to face. She is incredible at guiding her team and all new comers to the profession. When asked how she feels since this fabulous profession, she says, other than the obvious $1/2 Million income, she is mostly grateful for having found incredible relationships with people in the business, she feels Smart, she feels Healthier, she feels Loved, and most importantly, she feels Capable!

If you wish to feel the same way, tune in and take advantage of Katie’s words of advice.

Loving What Is 
by Byron Katie (Kindle Edition)
Illusions by Richard Bach (Kindle Edition)
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Kindle Edition)

037 – 1on1 – Overcoming the Fear of Rejection – Karilyn Pittman

David T.S. Wood training on stageToday, David is with Coaching winner Karilyn Pittman as they look into Karilyn’s two and a half year journey as a Network Marketer. They find the core fear of rejection, especially by those closest to Karilyn as a major roadblock.

David explores Karilyn’s story and discovers that she has two grown daughters, been married to a husband of 34 years and has worked as a nurse in the oncology ward for a staggering 36 years.

Karilyn soon realizes that she has been making up a story that has held her back from creating the life of her dreams.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is a real story and what is fictional story
  • How fictional stories can hold you back
  • How to select the type of people you want to work with
  • How to talk to people so that it is easy and authentic
  • Next steps for success

Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Belief – John Mayer
Everyone’s a Winner – Hot Chocolate

Today’s Quote: 

“You are going to make up a story anyway so why not make up a story that empowers and moves you forward in your life and your business.”

David T.S. Wood

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