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032 – KickStart – 5 Ways to Listen Better – Julian Treasure

Listening with LoveIn our louder and louder world we are losing our listening. Have you noticed how some people find it incredibly difficult to focus and even harder to really listen to someone to the point where they really understand them

In today’s show David explores The five ways to listen better as shared by Julian Treasure in his Ted Talk which currently has 2,039,557 listens

What You Will Learn on Todays Show:

  • The Facts about listening
  • Techniques to develop great listening skills
  • How to re-tune your ears
  • What conscious listening is
  • The Five ways to listen better

Julian Treasure:

Todays Songs:
Manic Monday – The Bangles
Monday Monday – The Mammas and Pappas
Monday – The Living End

Todays Fun Facts:

013 – ES02 – The Power of Focus and Organization – Susan Sly (Expert Series)

Susan Sly“Number one enemy of success is lack of Organization.” We are excited to have Susan Sly is back for a three part series and today she will be talking about The Power of Focus and Organization and Structure.

Susan shares a beautiful story of her family and life today.  “We never know when LIFE is going to happen!”

On Today’s show Susan will talk about:

  • The importance of having a dedicated workspace.
  • Having a vision, posture and having a professional approach, the moment you step into your office.
  • What you need in your office workspace and why.
  • Valuing your time, so OTHERS will.
  • Having more leads, then you have time.
  • The importance of planning your next day at the end of every day.
  • The benefits of being ”Audit Proof.”
  • What is your WHY?

Susan shares so many amazing tips to get organized, making connections and reaching your vision.

If you haven’t tuned into Susan’s story, you don’t want to miss this!
Susan Sly – Achieving Financial Success While Living a Balanced Life

Some Amazing QUOTES that Susan Uses

“With clarity and certainty there can be no overwhelm”
“Action neutralizes negative emotion”
“Life Happens”
“Don’t focus on what you are going through, focus on what you are going too”
“What is at the fort front of our minds is at the fort front of our actions 100% of our time”

Great reads
The Power of Focus – by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen & Les Hewitt
Clean Gut – by Alejandro Junger

Songs on Today’s Show:
Neat Freak – By the Fields
Shane’s Neat Freak – By Randon

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011 – Meditations for Success Series – Jen Newman #1 – A Practice of Love and Kindness

David and Jen NewmanWelcome to Amplified Network Marketing Meditations for Success Series, designed to help you fill your own cup so that you can then serve your team and the world better.

It’s is impossible to give what we don’t have.

David shares on the science of Neuroplasticity and how each of us can reprogram our brain for success and happiness.


David has invited his wonderful partner Jen on the show to facilitate one of the 5 proven practices of happiness.

Use this 15 minute practice to be sure that your life is truly beautiful and Kickass.

What you will learn on today’s show:

  • How to switch off from the noise and really become present
  • How to use the creative power to rid yourself of stress
  • How a 15 minute daily practice can tap into the infinite creative potential that is within you
  • How to focus you mind so that you can achieve a greater sense of peace and kindness at will
  • How to use LOVE as a force to heal and attract
  • How to achieve your goals and dreams more elegantly

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Todays Quote’s
“Our circumstances do not define the outcomes in our lives,
It’s our daily choices and habits that will ultimately determine
the outcomes in our lives”
– David T. S. Wood

“If it weren’t for my mind my mediation would be excellent”
– Ani Pema Chodron

Today’s Songs
Enya – Only Time
Enya – Orinoco Flow

006 – Nat Cook – What Competing in 5 Olympics and Winning a Gold Medal Teaches You About Winning Big in Business

Nat Cook - 5 Time OlympianJoining David today is a very dear friend and someone very special to him, Nat Cook.  Nat is a 5 Time Olympian – Gold & Bronze Medalist. Nat has hung up her bikini and is now helping to motiv8 and inspire others to fulfill their dreams and squeeze the goodness out of life.

Today Nat will talk about how she became a Network Marketer and will share her success.

Today she will share:

  • Playing volleyball Nat learned to be very focused in the game and on every aspect of her life.
  • Her amazing experience winning the FIRST GOLD MEDAL in her country, with family and friends.  She shares her emotions and her motivation to be the VERY best every day.
  • Don’t expect things to happen fast, like anything out there Network Marketing needs planning, learning and you need to work at it.  It takes practice!
  • Watching her leaders work at this business gracefully and reach amazing goals only inspires Nat to do the same! If you want what they want, DO what they DO!

What a great show, listen to what Nat would do differently if she were to start today!  She has only been in this industry for one year and she has been able to use all her skills and continues to learn and watch others in the business grow and she loves everything about the company she is with.

Nat’s Favorite Books:

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman (Audio Version)
Go Girl – An Inspiring Journey from Bronze to Gold
Business of the 21th Century – Robert Kiyosaki
Go Pro – Eric Worre (Audio Version)

Favorite Quote:
“It all starts with a Dream”
“Never Ever Give UP”

Check out her video Motive8me

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Today’s Songs:
School’s Out for Summer – The Hit Crew
No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper

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