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099 – David T.S. Wood – The Journey Is Worth It! – Expert Series

David T.S. WoodTune in to the Expert Series that we have a soft spot for: The ones where it’s David himself talking. What a show you guys! He is telling it all from the bottom of his heart. He wants us to know what it takes to become extremely successful in this amazing profession of Network Marketing, but he insists on us listening to the whole speech! This is “what it takes” but you HAVE TO go through the learning curve, and INVEST IN YOURSELF. Begs us not to give up at the beginning because we are bad at it, because if we keep at it, and learn, we will get better every day. The true philosophy behind success in Network Marketing. And he reminds us all once again that “Our Wealth Can Only Grow To The Extent We Grow Ourselves!”

He leaves us to contemplate on this amazing phrase: “If you want to be an extraordinary network marketer, become an extraordinary person, do extraordinary things!”

David T.S. Wood is a Business Leader, an Author, a Trainer, a Coach and a Humanitarian who has lived, traveled, worked in over 50 countries, and brings his passion for people, culture and the unknown to everything he does.

As a Business Leader he has grown multiple multi-million dollar companies.

As a Trainer and Speaker, he brings his global experience and deep understanding of the human condition to create some of the most dynamic, engaging, fun and effective events.

As a Coach, he is internationally recognized as “The Trainers’ Trainer” and works with thousands of trainers, teachers and educators, across the globe.

As a Humanitarian, David is a spokesperson, fundraiser and advocate for the Make-a-Wish Foundation among many other charity works and organizations.

As a Person, he is real, authentic, funny, generous, and humble.

As a Father, he is proud; David would tell you that his greatest accomplishment is being the father of his two boys, Calvin and Ben.

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
by Aerosmith
Walk This Way by Aerosmith
Crazy by Aerosmith
Cryin’ by Aerosmith
Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith
Money by Pink Floyd


“If you want to be an extraordinary network marketer, become an extraordinary person, do extraordinary things!” David T.S. Wood

“The Pessimist sees difficulty in every Opportunity the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

“Success is The ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

098 – Herb & Patty Cepeda – The Second Time Around – Huge Success and Ultimate Freedom

Herb and Patty CepedaTune in and get inspired as this incredible couple share their amazing journey, and valuable tips with David. As always David asks the questions to get important tips for us. His guests today are: Herb and Patty Cepeda. Herb was a State Trooper going from $19,000 – $30,000 a year, to $300,000 a month as a successful Network marketer!!! They talk about the trigger that made them go the extra mile, which is the “Freedom” that this great profession provides; for them it provided them with the opportunity to be around their beautiful family, and raise their 5 children together.

Herb and Patty are veteran network marketers with 20 years of experience as top earners in four companies. They are internationally sought after speakers and trainers. Their enthusiastic, energetic personalities are contagious. Their ability to capture an audience and instruct people to soar up to heights they never imagined is uncanny. They truly believe in anyone who believes in themselves, and they have an unwitting ability to help anyone believe they can! Herb & Patty are one of the greatest teams of motivational coaches of all time and have proven themselves both in the industry of Network Marketing and as a goal attaining, business coaches and mentors. They have risen to the top of everything they touch, from sports to business. They have a supernatural power to help people to rise higher than they ever thought possible and to assist them in breaking down any barriers they perceive exists.

I Believe You Can
by Patty Cepeda
Purity: The New Moral Revolution by Kris Vallotton
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Conversations With Millionaires by Mike Litman & Jason Oman
10 Commitments For Dads by Josh McDowell

093 – Zach & Eden Slobin – Their Love For One Another Made Them Choose The Freedom That Network Marketing Provided!

Eden & Zach SlobinYou don’t want to miss today’s show! David’s guests Zach and Eden Slobin tell their moving story from disbelief to faith. They tell us about the role Network Marketing has played in their lives, and its contribution to their love story. Tune in for tips and revelations on how to be successful in this wonderful profession.

Zach and Eden Slobin launched their network marketing business in  March of 2013. In just 4 short months, though their results are not typical**, they were able to free themselves from Corporate America while replacing their Six-Figure Incomes.

Along with creating a multiple six figure income with their company, they have also been chosen as START Ambassadors. The START group consists of over 20,000 young entrepreneurs ages 18-35 and is designed to show today’s younger generation a better way.

In January 2014, Zach and Eden received the “Momentum Award,” recognizing them as one of the fastest growing teams in their company. Most recently, they have been featured in Prosper Magazine and as headline trainers with their company at Regional Events and this past August were honored to train at their Annual Company Convention in front of over 10,000 people.

Zach brings with him an 8-year history in the profession of network marketing as a Multiple 6-figure earner, Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach.

Along with Eden’s 10 year background as a highly successful Business Manager and Financial Controller where she was responsible for overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars, the two of them together provide a unique combination of skills which allow them to mentor their team to life-changing financial success.

Affectionately known as Team EZ, Zach and Eden believe that life and business can be just that, EZ.

The Science of Deliberate Creation
by Esther & Jerry Hicks
The Big Leap by PhD Hendricks Gay
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell
Messages of the Masters by Brian Weiss
Ask and It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

“Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”

084 – Network Marketing: An Abundance of Choice! – Ben Kelly

Ben KellyTune in and be in awe of the story behind today’s guest’s journey to success in this wonderful business. David’s guest today is Ben Kelly telling us about the effort it took to go from being depressed enough to contemplate suicide to a life of Freedom, happiness, and self-worth, surrounded by loving, caring, and interesting people.

Ben Kelly is relatively new to Network Marketing. He has been working the business for only 16 months, and is already enjoying the fruit of his work. He started as a professional brick layer, hating and dreading his job, an uncertain and inconsistent income, dealing with the idea that this was going to be his life until he got old and died, basically being in a hopeless, and depressive situation. After discovering Network Marketing, he not only grew his income from “at best” $1,200 a week, to “at least” $10,000 a week, in only 16 months, but also found hope, happiness and true Freedom. Ben and his sister, have both already achieved the most noble of goals which was to free their mother from the financial burdens she faced: They have already paid off her mortgage, and going steadily on.

When asked what his take on Network Marketing is, he says: ” The abundance of choice it provides!”

David leaves us to contemplate on this true message of hope.

Here’s how to get in touch with Benhttps://www.facebook.com/ben.kelly.391082

The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle (Hardcover Edition)(Kindle Edition)
Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks (Hardcover Edition)(Kindle Edition)
The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther Hicks (Hardcover Edition)(Kindle Edition)
The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann (Kindle Edition) (Audio CD)

081 – Learn from 38 year Network Marketing Veteran how to become a Millionaire in 4 years! – Richard Brooke

What an amazing show today!! Today David asks Richard Brooke, (38 years in the business), a man he respects and values beyond measure, to share his secrets to success in Network Marketing: “a business model that promises fun, freedom and a life beyond money!” as he puts it.

Richard Brooke has shaped many people’s careers, showed them the tools, and taught them the skills.  He himself has gone from pumping gas and living at a gas station in his camper, to being a successful 38 year full-time Network Marketing Veteran and a highly respected corporate executive. He is a former elected member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Board of Directors.

During his career, he has not only paved the road for newcomers in the industry, but has also passed the flame to thousands of leaders by teaching them about courage, team spirit, and leadership. He is the author of Mailbox Money, Mach II With Your Hair On Fire and co-author of The New Entrepreneurs: Business Visionaries for the 21st Century.

As always David leaves us with this reminder: “Turn up the dial on your life, turn up the dial on your relationship, crank up the dial on your intimacy, squeeze the juice out of every second because you deserve it!”

As always David leaves us with this reminder: “Turn up the dial on your life, turn up the dial on your relationship, crank up the dial on your intimacy, squeeze the juice out of every second because you deserve it!”

Recommended Books:
The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke (Kindle Edition)(Audio CD Edition)
Mach II With Your Hair On Fire by  Richard Brooke (hardcover version)(Kindle Edition)
The New Entrepreneurs: Business Visionaries for the 21st Century by Michael Ray

Richard’s websites:

080 – David T.S. Wood – Amplify the leader in you! Leadership is learnt in the fires of life not in a classroom! – Personal Development Series

David T.S. WoodTune in and listen as once again David T.S. Wood lifts us up, motivates us, and teach us! In today’s show, David talks about Leadership and how to recognize it in ourselves in our everyday life because qualities of leadership are born in everything we do; Because we are leading some part of our life, and are setting an example right now. He explains the 5 Levels of Leadership, and what it takes to go from one level to another, to the Pinnacle. Tune in and enjoy the teachings of this great Leader, and be among the first to learn about the fantastic opportunities of working with him in person!!

To learn more about the Amplified Leadership Event, go to AmplifiedLeaders.info
and to register, go directly to AmplifiedLeaders.com

Mother Love by Queen
Hotel California by The Eagles


“A Leader is a Dealer in Hope” Napoleon Bonaparte

“Before you are a leader, Success is all about growing Yourself, when you become a leader Success is all about growing Others.” Jack Welch

“In my opinion, in the future you’ll be more disappointed by things you DID NOT do than the things you DID do!” David T.S. Wood

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John C. Maxwell

074 – David T.S. Wood – Choose Freedom Today – Expert Series

David Wood - FreedomNetwork Marketing Rocks Today! Today’s expert is no other than David T.S. Wood himself! What a show we have for you today: Choosing Freedom! Today David tells us why he thinks that Network marketing is the greatest vehicle on the planet Earth to Freedom! And why he is so totally in love with this profession; It’s all about the Freedom it provides: Freedom – “The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hinder or restraint; the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.” David tells it all in his favorite flavor: the spice of winners – Passion!

David T.S. Wood, our host, is a Business Leader, an Author, a Trainer, a Coach and a Humanitarian who has lived, traveled, worked in over 50 countries, and brings his passion for people, culture and the unknown to everything he does.

As always, David T.S. Wood urges you to crank up the dial on your Bank Account, your Relationships, and Your Life!

063 – Sonia Stringer – The Power of Authenticity

Sonia Stringer“Be Authentic”. Today David is extremely excited to be talking to Sonia Stringer.  Sonia is a professional speaker, author and business coach and founder of SavvyNetworkMarketingWomen.coma on-line community that supports 140,000 women in network marketing/direct sales with the tools and training to build a 6 and 7-figure business and a lifestyle that honors their most important priorities.

She is especially known for her knack in helping networkers who’ve struggled with selling and sponsoring create outstanding results (and pass on their skills to quickly duplicate success in their teams).

A former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, Sonia is faculty members and regular contributor to “Upline” and “Networking Times Magazines” and has spoken at several national conventions. 

Today Sonia with share:

  • How she was introduced to Network Marketing.
  • The Importance of collaborating in this industry and working with real, transparent and authentic people.
  • How this industry creates financial freedom, entrepreneurs, balance and success.
  • Why so many women are building a business in this profession and becoming very successful.
  • The importance of educating people in this industry and having support.
  • As couples work together and build their business, understand and know your strengths and the importance of communicating.
  • The importance of LISTENING to people and find out how you can help them.

Sonia is beautiful to listen too, she share’s amazing advice and is very passionate about helping so many reach success in this evolving profession. 

Be sure to listen in to this AMAZING SHOW and you will hear how to receive a free gift from Sonia! 

Favorite Books:

The Flip Flop CEO by Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead (Kindle Edition)
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Kindle Edition)
Four Year Career: How to Make Your Dreams of Financial Freedom Come True or Not by Richard Bliss Brooke (Kindle Edition)

Favorite Quotes:

If it is to be, it’s up to me”

“The reason that we are truly here is to help each other”



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050 – Going Pro – How to Design Your Ultimate Life – David T.S. Wood – Expert Series

Sydney Opera House Lights

When David surveys his students about what a perfect J.O.B would look like, here is what everyone around the world has told him they want:

  • A Global Business
  • Fun
  • Unlimited Income
  • No Commute
  • Residual Income
  • No Alarm Clock
  • Time Freedom
  • No Boss
  • Low Risk
  • No Employees
  • Personal Growth
  • Fun
  • Etc Etc

Is having all of these things  possible?  Is there any way to make this dream a reality?  You know the answer…OF COURSE IT IS!

On Todays Show, here’s what David will cover:

  • The Blue Collar Myth
  • The White Collar Myth
  • The Sales Myth
  • The Small Business Owner Myth
  • The Investor Myth
  • The Network Marketing Truth
  • Why a Professional, Why Now?

Todays Songs:
Everything I Need – Men at Work
It’s a Mistake – Men at Work
Down Under – Men at Work

Todays Quote:

“Every Master was Once a Disaster, Including Me”

            David T.S. Wood

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045 – Cathy Savage – Shape Up Your Body, Mind and Bank Account

Cathy Savage“Being Authentic”. Today we are excited to have Cathy Savage on Amplified Network Marketing with David.  Cathy is an internationally recognized fitness and figure coach.  She has been featured on MTV, ABC News and Fox News and she is currently a member of the prestigious Advisory panel and contributor of Oxygen Magazine and Strong Magazine.

Cathy’s online nutrition and training program is the first and most prominent all-inclusive global training program of its kind. Her company is known for transforming the physiques of both athletes and people who simply want to look like they compete, with a natural, non-extreme approach, no matter where they live! Cathy has coached and mentored celebrities, athletes, television personalities for lifestyle changes and business strategies as well. Her clients span the globe from the US, to Australia, Asia, and Europe and throughout North America.

Today Cathy will share: 

  • Her brand “Savage Girls” and how she came up with this.
  • The importance of fueling your life and capturing this mindset.
  • What she makes in ONE month working as a Network Marketer, how she was introduced to this industry and when she started looking at the business opportunity.
  • Having BELIEF and knowing the product MEANS something to you for this to work. 
  • How much she loves her career as a Fitness Coach and a Network Marketer.
  • Being in the industry for only 3 years, what Cathy has learned and where she sees herself in 3 years.
  • The importance of Internal and Personal growth, having a vision and setting goals.
  • Great advice for all of you, the importance of events and showing your passion.

Cathy is amazing, she is very confident and her language and messages are beautiful!  She is passionate about helping others to reach their goals internally, physically and financially.   You don’t want to miss this great show!

Favorite Quotes: 

“Do the work and trust the process.”

“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.”

Favorite books:
Art of the Deal by Donald Trump (Kindle Edition)
The Law of Money: 5 Timeless Secrets to Get Out and Stay Out of Financial Trouble by  Suze Orman
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker (Kindle Version)

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