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Nat Cook – Believing You Can: A Story of Triumph from Olympic Gold to Network Marketing [Podcast 118]

Nat Cook is a 5-time Olympian – winning gold for her homeland of Australia at the Sydney Olympics. She’s no stranger to hard work, conviction, determination and believing you can. Nat spent 20 years as a professional volleyball player, becoming one of the most well-known players the sport has ever seen. She proudly takes her gold medal with her everywhere she goes – believing it was meant to be shared, touched, and appreciated. After volleyball, Nat was left with a question: what comes next? As you’ll hear in this inspiring interview with David, network marketing came next. For Nat, it was a natural transition from the world of competitive sports to network marketing. She shares what the transition was like, some key learnings, and what she loves most about the business.

Why network marketing?

We’ve talked about the many misconceptions that exist about network marketing many times before. For Nat, she never really bought into that mindset. Even when she was playing volleyball, she recognized the value of network marketing and the world of possibilities the business opened up for those who work hard. And so, when an old friend started bringing a business opportunity to Nat, she eventually decided to give it a go. It was clear that many people have a negative perception about network marketing for one reason: it takes work. Nat shares her belief that too many of us today are about instant gratification and – well – that’s not what network marketing is. It takes hard work to succeed, but when you do you can succeed big time.

How do I make it better?

Nat shares the success of her mentor and friend who introduced her to the opportunity and why she believes their business has seen so much success. The key is being a leader. Nat shares why it’s important to lead with integrity and values, and to always focus on building a strong team. She discusses the financial success her friend has seen – in fact, the business she’s built with her husband is on track to make $1.5 million this year. Nat shares why she believes they’ve seen so much success – because they lead with their hearts and they are always present for the team.

If it’s not getting easier, you’re doing something wrong.

For Nat, working hard comes naturally. But, after making a few mistakes in the beginning, Nat started to learn what works and what doesn’t work in building a successful business with a solid team. She goes on to share a key piece of advice she was told early on: if it’s not getting easier, you’re doing something wrong. This resonated with Nat for many reasons, but mostly because it became clear that the business isn’t hard. It takes hard work, but the systems required to build a successful business aren’t difficult to learn.

Biggest learnings in the first year as a network marketer.

In the early days of her business, Nat and her partner went “all in”. Nat hit social media hard, cast a wide net, and started to attract loads of customers. The mistake? She wasn’t focusing on building a team, but was focused on selling products. In doing so, Nat was beginning to lose the authenticity of the business and – most importantly – the authenticity of herself. She gives insight into what she would do differently if she could go back and start over – including what is perhaps the most important thing: she would’ve said yes earlier. Nat is absolutely inspiring and open in sharing a glimpse into why she loves network marketing so much, as well as some key learnings that can help you build your own business.


  • [0:36] David’s introduction of his guest, Nat Cook.
  • [1:35] How does it feel to be recognized by people and to be a 5-time Olympian?
  • [2:40] Nat’s passion after retiring from volleyball.
  • [3:58] Winning the first beachball volleyball gold medal for her country, when it was hosted in her country.
  • [5:48] The experience of taking photos with the medal, with fans.
  • [7:29] The 2 questions she gets asked the most.
  • [10:27] Hanging out with David at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, throwing a football around.
  • [11:40] Why did you choose network marketing after sports?
  • [14:51] The misconceptions about network marketing.
  • [17:46] Observing the success of her friends and how the industry has played out for them.
  • [20:41] What is the secret to their success?
  • [22:22] What have you learned in a year of being in network marketing?
  • [26:44] The role of residual income.
  • [28:31] Some examples of success stories Nat has witnessed in people after joining the business.
  • [31:06] Some books you’d recommend.
  • [32:36] A couple of favorite quotes you lean on a lot.
  • [33:48] If you were to start over in network marketing, knowing what you now, what would you do differently?
  • [36:15] How has network marketing amplified your life?
  • [36:59] Nat’s foundation.


BOOK: Way of the Peaceful Warrior


BOOK: Business of the 21st Century

BOOK: Go Pro

Nat Cook’s website – http://www.nataliecook.com/

Motiv8Me Video Series

The Nat Cook Live Out Loud Foundation

Surf Volley



055 – From Elite Police Unit & Federal Crown Prosecutor to Huge Network Marketing Success & Freedom to Support Their Son’s Dream – Kevin, Pam & Kaleb Barnum

Pam Kevin and Kaleb Barnum“We have chosen the best career possible”.   Today David is talking to an amazing couple Kevin and Pam Barnum.  Kevin worked as a Police Officer for 22 years with specialize Canine Unit formed after 9/11.  Pam was a Federal Crown Prosecutor (Lawyer).  They have an amazing 10-year-old son Kaleb and live in a beautiful Fernie, BC.

They began their Network Marketing business in spring 2009 and have achieved a multiple six-figure income in less than 18 months while working 60+ hours per week at their jobs.

They have been featured in several books including “The Four Year Career”, “The Flip Flop CEO”, “Best Worst First”, “Inspired to Win in MLM” and in several editions of “Networking Times ” and “Prosper Magazine”.

Today they will share:

  • Their busy lives in their careers, barely having a family life, being called away to work under cover with little notice and their dedication to their careers.
  • How they met and their lives together.
  • When they found Network Marketing and how they started to build their business in the evenings.
  • Pam’s skeptism when introduced to this industry.
  • Their income today and their income before Network Marketing.
  • Kaleb’s life, his goals and the amazing things he gets to do with his parents.
  • Their advice today, things they would have changed and what they have learned that have helped them be successful in this industry. 

Be sure to listen in to this beautiful couple & their amazing son Kaleb.   Kevin & Pam share their amazing story in this industry and the freedom they have as a family being Network Marketers. 

They will share their passion and how they want to help others to do the same and fall in love with this amazing industry. 

Enjoy this amazing show!

Favorite Books:
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek (Kindle Edition)
Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Kindle Edition – Deluxe Edition with Study Guide)

Favorite Quotes: 

“All the things are possible for those who believe”

“Happiness is not a destination it is a way of life”

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006 – Nat Cook – What Competing in 5 Olympics and Winning a Gold Medal Teaches You About Winning Big in Business

Nat Cook - 5 Time OlympianJoining David today is a very dear friend and someone very special to him, Nat Cook.  Nat is a 5 Time Olympian – Gold & Bronze Medalist. Nat has hung up her bikini and is now helping to motiv8 and inspire others to fulfill their dreams and squeeze the goodness out of life.

Today Nat will talk about how she became a Network Marketer and will share her success.

Today she will share:

  • Playing volleyball Nat learned to be very focused in the game and on every aspect of her life.
  • Her amazing experience winning the FIRST GOLD MEDAL in her country, with family and friends.  She shares her emotions and her motivation to be the VERY best every day.
  • Don’t expect things to happen fast, like anything out there Network Marketing needs planning, learning and you need to work at it.  It takes practice!
  • Watching her leaders work at this business gracefully and reach amazing goals only inspires Nat to do the same! If you want what they want, DO what they DO!

What a great show, listen to what Nat would do differently if she were to start today!  She has only been in this industry for one year and she has been able to use all her skills and continues to learn and watch others in the business grow and she loves everything about the company she is with.

Nat’s Favorite Books:

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman (Audio Version)
Go Girl – An Inspiring Journey from Bronze to Gold
Business of the 21th Century – Robert Kiyosaki
Go Pro – Eric Worre (Audio Version)

Favorite Quote:
“It all starts with a Dream”
“Never Ever Give UP”

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Today’s Songs:
School’s Out for Summer – The Hit Crew
No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper

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