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055 – From Elite Police Unit & Federal Crown Prosecutor to Huge Network Marketing Success & Freedom to Support Their Son’s Dream – Kevin, Pam & Kaleb Barnum

Pam Kevin and Kaleb Barnum“We have chosen the best career possible”.   Today David is talking to an amazing couple Kevin and Pam Barnum.  Kevin worked as a Police Officer for 22 years with specialize Canine Unit formed after 9/11.  Pam was a Federal Crown Prosecutor (Lawyer).  They have an amazing 10-year-old son Kaleb and live in a beautiful Fernie, BC.

They began their Network Marketing business in spring 2009 and have achieved a multiple six-figure income in less than 18 months while working 60+ hours per week at their jobs.

They have been featured in several books including “The Four Year Career”, “The Flip Flop CEO”, “Best Worst First”, “Inspired to Win in MLM” and in several editions of “Networking Times ” and “Prosper Magazine”.

Today they will share:

  • Their busy lives in their careers, barely having a family life, being called away to work under cover with little notice and their dedication to their careers.
  • How they met and their lives together.
  • When they found Network Marketing and how they started to build their business in the evenings.
  • Pam’s skeptism when introduced to this industry.
  • Their income today and their income before Network Marketing.
  • Kaleb’s life, his goals and the amazing things he gets to do with his parents.
  • Their advice today, things they would have changed and what they have learned that have helped them be successful in this industry. 

Be sure to listen in to this beautiful couple & their amazing son Kaleb.   Kevin & Pam share their amazing story in this industry and the freedom they have as a family being Network Marketers. 

They will share their passion and how they want to help others to do the same and fall in love with this amazing industry. 

Enjoy this amazing show!

Favorite Books:
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek (Kindle Edition)
Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Kindle Edition – Deluxe Edition with Study Guide)

Favorite Quotes: 

“All the things are possible for those who believe”

“Happiness is not a destination it is a way of life”

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012 – Suzanne Skillen & Paul McAneny – From Being a Broke Ballerina and Broken Police Officer to Living in True Abundance and Generosity

Suzanne Skillen and Paul McAnenyDavid is so excited to be interviewing two incredible friends, Paul & Suzanne. Their journey is amazing.

Suzanne was Ballerina, she danced all over the world, she eventually set up a gym, she taught dance, body movement, Nautilus and Pilates. And, she was Lady Diana’s Personal Trainer for 3 years.

Paul, was kicked out of school, he joined the Police Force as a cadet at 16 years old and became an undercover police office in the drug unit.  He had a nervous breakdown after losing loved ones.  He took a Personal Development course with one of Australia’s best trainers that changed his LIFE.

Today Suzanne & Paul will share:

  • Their real story of being broke, ashamed and scared.  And, just 3 years ago in January 2011 their life changed when they joined the industry of Network Marketing and where they are now.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLY!
  • Paul’s career in the Drug unit, having a nervous breakdown and losing his son and brother and how he became to love himself at the age of 55 years old.
  • Forgiving yourself, working on yourself and believing in your dreams.
  • What they have learned from their mistakes and how they feel today.
  • Paul and Suzanne will share beautiful stories of how they helped others and what THE POWER OF GIVING can do.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive happy people.  How they built their business in this industry and how they nurtured these people to do the same.

Listen to their great advice, what they would do differently if they were starting in Network Marketing today, know your BIG WHY.  They are both so inspiring and have achieved so much!

Paul and Suzanne are truly in love and are a beautiful POWERFUL couple, living an AMPLIFIED beautiful life.  Their love and passion for helping others around the world AND in this Industry is truly touching and amazing.

Favorite Quotes:
“Don’t let anyone who gave up on their dreams, take YOURS away”
“Leadership is Influence”
“Inspiration Plus Passion”
“Build with Heart, Build with Spirit, Build with Love and have Happy and Fun times”

Favorite books:
A Year of Miracles – Marianne Williamson
The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money And Miracles – Marianne Williamson
The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All – Azim Jamal & Harvey McKinnon
You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay
Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
How Successful People Lead:  Taking your Influence to the Next Level – John Maxwell

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