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066 – Elegant Influence – Sonia Stringer – Expert Series

Sonia StringerToday’s show is all about elegance, beauty, and positivity as David chats with his guest, Sonia Stringer, about the ability to influence people and have  a positive impact in their lives. David praises Sonia’s ability to influence women in the Network Marketing profession, the depth of her heart and passion, her sincerity, and her ability to see this profession for what it really is: The opportunity to connect and influence.

Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker, coach and popular mentor to women in the network marketing/direct selling profession. Known as “The Women’s Business Coach,” she is fast becoming the “go to expert” for women who want to build a 6-figure+ business and a lifestyle that honors their most important priorities.

As founder of the Savvy Women Leadership Academyshe has created a dynamic program that empowers women around the world with the tools and training to build a solid business from home and lifestyle they love.

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Today you will hear David and Sonia talk about:

  • Early Networking
  • How to embrace the opportunity to influence.
  • A new angle to look at the Network Marketing profession.
  • The experience of working with the legendary Tony Robins.
  • The 5 crucial steps in a recruiting conversation.

Today’s Resources:

063 – Sonia Stringer – The Power of Authenticity

Sonia Stringer“Be Authentic”. Today David is extremely excited to be talking to Sonia Stringer.  Sonia is a professional speaker, author and business coach and founder of SavvyNetworkMarketingWomen.coma on-line community that supports 140,000 women in network marketing/direct sales with the tools and training to build a 6 and 7-figure business and a lifestyle that honors their most important priorities.

She is especially known for her knack in helping networkers who’ve struggled with selling and sponsoring create outstanding results (and pass on their skills to quickly duplicate success in their teams).

A former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, Sonia is faculty members and regular contributor to “Upline” and “Networking Times Magazines” and has spoken at several national conventions. 

Today Sonia with share:

  • How she was introduced to Network Marketing.
  • The Importance of collaborating in this industry and working with real, transparent and authentic people.
  • How this industry creates financial freedom, entrepreneurs, balance and success.
  • Why so many women are building a business in this profession and becoming very successful.
  • The importance of educating people in this industry and having support.
  • As couples work together and build their business, understand and know your strengths and the importance of communicating.
  • The importance of LISTENING to people and find out how you can help them.

Sonia is beautiful to listen too, she share’s amazing advice and is very passionate about helping so many reach success in this evolving profession. 

Be sure to listen in to this AMAZING SHOW and you will hear how to receive a free gift from Sonia! 

Favorite Books:

The Flip Flop CEO by Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead (Kindle Edition)
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Kindle Edition)
Four Year Career: How to Make Your Dreams of Financial Freedom Come True or Not by Richard Bliss Brooke (Kindle Edition)

Favorite Quotes:

If it is to be, it’s up to me”

“The reason that we are truly here is to help each other”



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