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071 – The Art of Connecting – Carolyne Rodrigues – Expert Series

Carolyne Rodrigues 2Talk about valuable tips that anyone can follow and become successful! Do not miss David’s show today! Today David has the lovely Carolyne Rodrigues talking about the art of connecting. They both tell us about systems that help master the art of connecting; Formulas that allow you to connect with Anyone, at Anytime, and in Any Situation.

Carolyne Rodrigues a successful Network Marketer who had been a flight attendant for 33 years before she decided to become a Network Marketer. Today she talks about challenges she had to overcome in this wonderful field of Network Marketing, and how she did it. She leaves us with 4 of her favorite wishes: Ease, peace, joy and love

Listen, learn, enjoy, and most of all don’t forget to: “Crank it up!!”