Training & Retention Tools for New Associates


Dear Kathy, Kevin, and Travis,

The Amplified Network Marketing podcast is a powerful way to attract new associates, build belief, learn the skills and catch a ten year vision with realistic expectations of what it takes to succeed in this profession.  We feel that every new associate should be exposed to this tool as a starting point in their journey to becoming a professional network marketer.

To date, the Amplified podcast has become incredibly effective as a recruiting, training and retaining tool.

Below are two examples of each of the four types of shows.

The Shows:

Monday – Personal Development

Here are two examples of the Monday Personal Development show.

Network Marketing is not mentioned as we ease potential prospects into the topic of personal growth and how they can take control of their own life.

Hand with No Excuses Stamp The First Key to Success
 Simon Sinek – Start with Your Why

Wednesday – Inspiring Stories

Here are two examples of the interviews with professional network marketers who share their journey, their experiences, and the steps they’ve taken to create success.

Peta Kelly Peta Kelly – Interview 

Alexis Romano Alexis Romano – Interview

Friday – The Expert Series

Here are two example of our experts who give tactical advice on how to develop the specific skills needed to succeed at their highest level.

Susan DeMayo - Square Lisa DeMayo – The Art of Conversation

Susan Sly Susan Sly – The Power of Focus & Organization

Monthly – The Coaching Series

Here are two examples of David coaching associates live on the show.

Debbie Donaldson – Building Her Belief

Karolyn Pittman – Overcoming Her Fear of Rejection

The Global Impact:

Every day we get ratings, reviews and emails expressing how important and influential the podcasts and learning tools have been to help attract, build belief, train, and retain people to this profession and greatly impact their level of success.

Ratings and Reviews on iTunes

To date, we already have over 250, 5-star reviews already in our American, Canadian, and Australian markets. Here’s a few examples:

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