Nat Cook – Believing You Can: A Story of Triumph from Olympic Gold to Network Marketing [Podcast 118] Play in new window | DownloadNat Cook is a 5-time Olympian – winning gold for her homeland of Australia at the Sydney Olympics. She’s no stranger to hard work, conviction, determination and believing you can. Nat spent 20 years as a professional volleyball player, becoming one of the most well-known players the sport has Continue reading… →

Alexis Romano – The millionaire mindset of an emerging professional network marketer [Podcast 117] Play in new window | DownloadWhen Alexis Romano first heard about the network marketing opportunity, she – like many of us – was skeptical. As a high school counselor, Alexis was working 3 jobs to make ends meet – and was still barely making it work. She was constantly exhausted and was left with Continue reading… →

Shawn Owen: Building wealth – His story, his strategies. [ Podcast 115]

Shawn and Kari-Lyn Owen Play in new window | DownloadShawn Owen is a guy who’s built his wealth independently by doing it himself. He’s tried lots of things and has figured out what works. On this special “EXTENDED EDITION” of the podcast Shawn shares his story, his strategies, and the major things you need to know and get Continue reading… →

JoJo and Vinnie Bennington – Daring to Redefine Yourself

046_46 Play in new window | DownloadThe 2007 economic crash interrupted Las Vegas in every way possible. The second largest economic influence, the construction industry, came to a halt. JoJo and Vinnie Bennington felt the halt as devastation hit their bank account. Vinnie, a retired Marine, was working as an electrician in Las Vegas. His Continue reading… →

Adam & Michelle Carey – Etiquette: The Key to Accelerating Success [Podcast 111]

final profile pic Play in new window | DownloadAdam and Michelle Carey have made plenty of mistakes as Network Marketers. They dove into this profession unprepared as young twenty-somethings, but learned to harness their passion and approach their business with etiquette and integrity. Adam and Michelle found they were not alone in learning the ropes the hard Continue reading… →

Money Management: Sustaining and Securing Your Wealth- with Neal Inscoe [Podcast 110]

Neal-Inscoe-sm-200x300 Play in new window | DownloadNeal Inscoe, President and CEO of Equity Solutions for Life, wants to know if you are adequately prepared for your own success.  Neal emphasizes educating business owners to prepare for initial and continued growth of wealth. He knows business finances can be complicated, but simplifies options and sets structure Continue reading… →